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Motivational Keynote

How To Stay Motivated During Difficult Times: The ability to motivate others is crucial, but not as crucial as the ability to motivate yourself. Once you master the art of motivating yourself, motivating others will be very simple. Whether you want to motivate parents to be more active, your students to try a little harder, or a staff member to reach a little higher; it all starts with mastering some very simple yet powerful motivational techniques. This presentation will provide you with techniques on how to motivate yourself and others beyond what you think is possible.

Staff Development

How To Speak So Others Listen, Follow, & Get Inspired: Influential leaders understand that anything worth saying won’t be of any worth, unless it’s communicated with influence. In this session, you’ll learn how to become a charismatic communicator: someone that others not only listen but also trust, admire, like, and respect. There will be lots of interactions and fun group activities to make the points not only clear but also practical. This session is of great benefit to any administrator or staff who is responsible for influencing parents, young people, and other staff.

Parent Training

How To Raise Unstoppable Children by Becoming Unstoppable Parents: This session communicates to parents that there’s nothing wrong about having high expectations on their children; as long as they have high expectations on themselves. Expecting our children to dream big while we as parents have no dream of our own sends an in-congruent message to our children, which can outweigh anything we could ever say to them. This session will inspire parents to dream again and in the process will teach parents that there’s nothing more inspiring to a child than an inspired parent.

Parent Training

Staff Development

Migrant Youth

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